Dirt Laundry Booster

  • $22.00

Introducing Dirt's all new powder booster. It uses the power of oxygen to lift major stains including grass and mud, food and drink, and sweat and blood.

It is formulated with plant based and organic cleaning ingredients that specifically target tough stains, and leave your clothes bright and fresh.

Dirt's dispenser jar comes full, and is made from glass complete with a silicone sleeve for grip and protection. It is designed to be refilled infinitely, using refill packs.

The little scoop that comes with the dispenser jar is made in-house, with plastic from refill packs that have reached the end of the return life.

Dirt's refill pack contains 2.8kg of our specialty formula, which is enough for more than 90 treatments. 

The packaging is made from a minimum of 30% post industrial waste, and designed to be reused through our Refill Return Program. The seal is made from a specialised velcro, so that the refill pack can be made air tight.