About Us

Here at Lewis & Collins we really do care about your dirty washing. We know what it’s like to feel the itch of eczema from chemically laden detergents, the lack of fragrance in some eco-friendly alternatives and the disappointment of clothes not feeling and looking their best. So we began making Washing Crystals in 2018. Washing crystals are a sustainable alternative to fabric softener. They are salt based which is a natural water softener and while it gets busy relaxing the fibres of your clothes and linen, it allows the fragrance to penetrate, leaving your clothes not only smelling fragrant, but whiter and brighter long a after the cycle has finished.

With continued use you will find your washing machine is also cleaner and smells fresher with each wash. Washing crystals are available in a selection of delightful fragrances and when combined with Dirt laundry detergent will have you falling in love with doing your laundry.

Dwenda, founder of Lewis & Collins, takes great care in making your washing crystals by selecting only body safe scents, labelling by hand and packaging your orders to ensure consistency with each order.

Melanie, social media & marketing manager and Dwenda's daughter, has increased our online presence by showcasing our products and giving you a snapshot into our family life.

And then there is you, our amazing customer - Thank you for your support. You are the reason we do this. We will continue to provide products that make life that little bit easier.