100% NZ Merino Wool Dryer Balls (6)

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Just when you thought doing laundry couldn't get any better...along comes 100% Merino dryer balls.

Use them on their own or enhance your fragrance experience by adding a few drops of your favourite washing crystal scent or essential oil.

Washing Crystal scents available in 10ml dripulator bottle.

The Benefits of using Dryer Balls..

Want to dry your laundry quicker, reduce your power bill, static and wrinkles in your clothes?

Then you need these Wool Dryer Balls!

Simply pop all 6 wool balls into your dryer with your wet clothes.

Take care not to overload your dryer with too many clothes as the wool balls will absorb moisture and they also need to create air pockets for better circulation.

This means an even distribution of heat and less drying time:

Reduces drying time (and your power bill)
Reduces static and wrinkles (and ironing time – yay!)
Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the wool balls
Lasts approx 3-5 years (each ball will last over 10,000 dryer loads!)
Each pack includes six New Zealand Wool Balls
Plastic-free packaging

Be careful as cats sure do love chasing them around the house!

Note: Give them a quick tumble on their own to remove any surface fluff.

Each ball measures 5cm.

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