2kg Washing Crystals Recyclable Refill

All our delightful washing crystals are available in our recyclable pouches. These trend setting pouches are quickly becoming our most popular way to purchase washing crystals.

The pouches can be recycled in your kerb side pick up. The contents can be transferred to a plastic tub or a glass vessel for a stunning yet practical addition to your laundry decor.

Optional Measuring Scoop

52 loads @ 75c per load

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Fragrance Disperser, Body Safe Fragrance

Proudly Australian Made in Goulburn NSW

Why Choose Washing Crystals?

- no nasty chemical build up on your clothes or in your washing machine

- septic friendly

- beautiful fragrances to choose from

- sets the dye for colours, so no more runs

- coloured clothing stays vibrant for longer - reduces grey whites

- softens fabric reducing the need for ironing

- just one level scoop per wash